Just a quick note to say thanks for the terrific music you and your orchestra supplied for my daughter's wedding reception. I think it was obvious that a good time was had by all, judging by the fact that the dance floor was still completely crowded after the last song was played! You all seemed to know how to read the moods of our guests and know just when to play the right music. I received many compliments on the music and would certainly keep you in mind for future occasions! Again, thank you for helping to make our special day even more memorable!

Carole DeSimone

Just wanted to write a quick note to tell you how much we enjoyed The Brian Patti Orchestra's performance at "In Tempo with Time," Fanfare 2000. Your swing tunes and classic oldies were terrific. And, you ability to play great music, quietly was appreciated.

I'm so glad we were able to work together. You contributed greatly to the evening's success.

Lynn M. Juniel
Director of Development
Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra

What a pleasure it was to work with both of you last week in saluting the music of Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman! I don't know of anyone in our audience of over 800 who didn't love what they heard, and for a variety of reasons. The drop-ins of your interview with Shaw were perfect for the occasion, Denny, and your warmth and humor combined with your professionalism to make your presentation stand on its own. I'm glad that you enjoyed listening to the band, and I think I speak for all of the musicians when I say that it helps to know that we have at least one set of expert ears in the hall.

As you know, Brian, we've had Buddy DeFranco and Chuck Hedges out here in years past, and those gentlemen swing rather well. But I never thought I'd hear the clarinet parts of Shaw and Goodman played that well live, and it was a great buzz for me to just stand next to you and hear what you were doing. I'd like another crack at Shaw's Concerto just because I was the weak link in that and could no doubt give better cues to the band during your cadenzas. It was true bravura clarinet, and I loved every minute. You are to be commended for assembling such an impressive book, and I would like nothing more than the chance to do it all again sometime.

In ten years at this institution, fronting a Resident Professional jazz ensemble, I've never had a program that created this much pre- and post performance noise or one that actually made money (when's the last time a big band did that from ticket sales alone?!?!). We the help of you two gentlemen, we put together a fun, educational tribute to two bands that helped define popular music in this country for over a generation, and proved that it's as alive at the end of the century as it was in the middle.

All the best for a great holiday, and thanks again.

Tom Tallman
Music Director
Arts Center Jazz Ensemble
College of DuPage